Europeans in the American market: First impressions with ByBespoek

Most of you who visit my blog regularly must know by now that I am a big fan of midcentury reproductions when they are done right. As a dedicated replica shopper and self-proclaimed expert in the field, I get a very specific and odd rush when I see that there’s a new player on the market. And I am quick to come up with a random excuse to test them out and add yet another midcentury classic to my home.

So, you can imagine my delight when I came across ByBespoek, a company that, according to their bio, has a rich experience in Europe, but is fairly new player in the US market.

And if you know how much I complain about impossibly high shipping costs when it comes to European companies, you can imagine what an insane find this was for me – so, European guys familiar with the Scandinavian tradition first hand, but which brought their business across the pond – what could be better!

But, with great excitement came great expectations. So how did the European boys do in American market? Let’s take a detailed look.

Website look and navigability

Ok, first thing I have to say is that I absolutely love how ByBespoek website looks like! It’s clean, open, easily navigable, with simple and not overcrowded top bar menu. They would probably survive without the huge discount ads, but I can’t really complain – the sale offer is just two scrolls down and from there on, you can browse the site rather undisturbed. Next to each item you can get very useful info regarding the current discounts and stock which is very useful if you are looking to make a larger order. All the information regarding policies, history of the company as well as well as some useful text posts about Scandi furniture can be easily accessible from the footer. Can’t be 100% sure, but it seems to me that all relevant info is on the display and the guys are doing their best to do business with full transparency.

The offer

ByBespoek offer is rather peculiar. It is much more limited when compared to some of the main competitors in the US, but I would be willing to say that this is fairly expected for a company that is in the process of establishing itself in the US market, so I hope it will be expanded. However, another bonus is that while ByBespoek offer is somewhat limited, all of their designs are classic after a classic after a classic. There are no modern designs trying to be sold under midcentury label. Oh, no, these guys know what they are doing and on their website you will find only the iconic midcentury designs that have truly left a mark in the history of furniture design. So if you know what you are looking for and appreciate history, not just good advertising, I think you will love ByBespoek.


So, with ByBespoek reviews still being somewhat scarce, I will talk about the quality of their products just based on my own personal experience, which isn’t too huge, but it will have to do for now. So, throughout the site, ByBespoek seems to take pride in the ‘premium quality’ of their designs. The customer service was kind enough to explain me that the premium quality is related to the selection of materials used in the production, but also to the production process, so essentially it means different things for different products.

I ordered two Wishbone chairs from ByBespoek and came back a couple of days later to grab a couple of AJ lamps on a crazy discount. I have been absolutely amazed with the chairs – the quality is truly superb. Paper cord seat is masterfully woven and has perfect elasticity, while the wooden frame (I ordered it in beech) looks lovely, completely natural and so smooth to touch. I am also very pleased with lamps, but – and I might sound like a total layman, so feel free to correct me – metal is metal, and I am not really sure what can be premium about it. Still, I am more than pleased with what ByBespoek has to offer and so far I don’t have any complaints. I will surely order from them again and then I will update this review.

Shopping experience

I think that the thing that really bought me with these guys is their amazing customer service. The girl I talked with was super nice and I got answers to all of my questions – and I was the annoying kind of customer that wants to know everything and gets carried away discussing the product range and the delivery options. Another beautiful thing is that you get the final shipping price on the checkout page after you type in your details, and there are no hidden costs – what you see is what you pay and not a cent more (although they have this cute action where you can pay 12$ extra and they plant 12 trees in the US region you choose).


Ok, the prices are the moment where everybody is bound to get skeptical a bit. I mean, Wishbone chair for below 200$?! What’s the catch?! But, apparently, ByBespoek somehow manages to have pretty much constant discounts and still offer high-quality products. Personally, I was on the verge of just closing the site when I saw the prices, it sounded too good to be true. When my Wishbone chairs finally arrived, I was absolutely amazed that I got them at such a bargain. I think all ByBespoek reviews you can find will confirm to you that these guys somehow manage to keep their prices below the industry standard, while providing consistently high quality of their products. Now this is exactly what I mean when I say replica production done right.

Final verdict

As is evident from this ByBespoek review so far, I am absolutely amazed with this company. Affordable prices, exceptional quality and very polite and forthcoming customer service team all contribute to a truly outstanding shopping experience. I am in love with my ByBespoek Wishbone chair replicas and I’m looking forward to ordering from these guys again. One thing that should be mentioned is that I had slight delays on both of my orders, so this comes across as a noticeable downside. Still, the delays were nothing major, and the CS girl kept in touch with me, so I always knew where the order got stuck and how is ETA changing. Overall, ByBespoek gets a fairly positive review from me. I hope they will manage to survive the chaos of the American market and expand their offer, so they can continue to provide us with these lovely designs in the future.

You could check their reviews on Trustpilot.

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