How ByKallevig turned my flat into a Mid Century Modern piece of art (On a budget!)

So a quick update before we get into the details. Since the COVID19 situation started I’ve moved back to my old London flat. Staying inside for so long I have come to a realization that my flat is now most of my world so I decided to renovate it by going full on mid-century modern furniture fanatic mode!

I’ve written previously about many mid-century modern furniture replica brands that sell on the US market which is far more developed than any other. Europe has much less to offer when it comes to affordable Modern Mid-Century design unfortunately. After some research and a few lovely chats with their customer support I decided to go with ByKallevig as my main supplier. It’s worth mentioning that Amazon also has some good choices if you’re willing to dig deep.
My focus was good lighting along with using my space in a minimalist way. The cherry on top of course is filling it with some amazing Mid Century designs that I could actually afford!

The Mid Century Dining Room

I started with my dining room because I’ve always loved the idea of having an open space with a centrepiece table. Somewhere people can gather and eat together in comfort without any distractions from the meal and good conversation.

ByKallevig’s Wishbone chair and now discontinued dining table fit perfectly inside my minimalist fantasy.
If you’ve read my previous posts you know how in love I am with Wishbone chairs!

After 2 weeks when everything arrived my dining room dream became reality..

wishbone chair
The Wishbone chairs turned out really great with excellent attention to detail.

The biggest challenge was and still is my living room.
Turns out I am emotionally tied to a lot of the old furniture that was there for years! So right now I am stuck in the process of trying to incorporate some of my old furniture with the whole Mid-Century minimalist aesthetic.
I bought one of ByKallevig’s white lounge chairs just to see how good the replica is. Turns out it’s really good, these guys pay lots of attention to detail. Right now the plan in the upcoming months is to purchase one more white lounge chair and combine it with my dark grey couch which I can’t seem to let go of!

This is what my new Eames baby looks like:

What’s to come?

After I finish the living room all that remains will be the bedroom which is almost completely empty for now so I got the minimalist thing going already..

The European market is limited in regards to affordable designer furniture but ByKallevig met my expectations price and quality wise. Their customer support actually goes through training in interior design! Those guys are more than capable of answering any tricky questions you may have about their products. I sure did. 
I hope we get more similar companies showing up in the near future.

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