Scandinavian furniture in the American market: First impressions of ICONS22

I recently explained why luxury brands don’t offer discounts. I mentioned ICONS22 company in that blog. Its because I recently got some furniture from them.

ICONS22 is a new company in the US market. At the moment they have an online store that offers premium Scandinavian furniture. For now, they are focused on chairs and lamps. You know how hard it is to find some midcentury Nordic furniture in America. As New Yorker, I am not used to not being able to get something that I like. 🙂

I already tried Bespoek and Rove Concept and you can read about them in previous blogs. ICONS22 is different because this is finally a company that operates from here and are focused only on premium furniture. You can find many legendary mid-century pieces but also some famous modern designs as well. Not paying high shipping costs is already a great plus. Still, let see exactly how good they are!

Website look and navigability

ICONS22 website is slick, modern and easy to navigate. You can have a clear idea of who they are and what they are offering. What I really love is their product presentation. You have a great amount of product information, specifications and images from every possible angle. Looking at a product on white background, how it looks in the nicely designed interior and measurement illustration.

There is also a lot of information about the company and its policies. I like how everything is transparent and you can read about every detail. It is important to be transparent in general but especially because they are a new company.

The offer

As I already mentioned, they have somewhat limited product selection. Since they are in the process of establishing themselves in a new market, I think that is normal. What is really important is that their designs are truly premium. They respect the original design and its manufacturing process. So, you are not buying a modern take or replica. Its truly a classic Scandinavian furniture piece.


I am not an expert in furniture or design but it is my hobby and I do own more than a few classical pieces. So, I believe that I can give you a fairly good idea of their product quality. First, I called their customer service to get more information on the product that I am buying. It was very informative to listen about how they select the materials and how the whole manufacturing process works. Also, you are getting all the shipment tracking info on your email.

I ordered a Lounge chair because its incredibly popular in the US and I wanted to see how their version is going to feel. Shipping took only 11 days, including the order placement. In short, the Lounge chair is fantastic. I picked a dark texture-rich American Palisander and the quality of this leather is very good. Cushions feel strong and after a few days, they soften up to give great comfort. Ottoman is of perfect hight and your legs can really relax. In general, you feel like you are drowning in this comfy, soft leather. I am actually sitting on it right now and typing this blog on my laptop.

Shopping experience

Customer support was incredibly helpful and informative. The only small issue is that you are not getting all the shipment info in one email. Also, the shipping truck left my package in the yard on a rainy day. Being a girl, I couldn’t move it immediately to the house. Of course, this is not ICONS22’s fault, it’s a courier service that I won’t even mention here. The whole shopping cart experience on their website is fast and straightforward. There are no hidden or extra costs, what you see is what you will pay. In general, everything went smoothly.


For a premium brand, ICONS22 has really reasonable prices. I honestly expected a lot more and its incredible how they can deliver such a quality product for such a relatively low price. Maybe, the fact that they don’t have to pay any copyright license has something to do with this affordability.

Final verdict

You can guess what my conclusion will be from reading the previous paragraphs. ICONS22 is a surprisingly good company that offers a truly premium Scandinavian furniture. Which is incredibly hard to find, especially here. The whole experience from browsing the website to buying a product was fast and enjoyable. I do hope that they will have more products in the future. They are focused on premium quality so it’s understandable that they will only offer iconic designer pieces. Still, you have to wish for more right?!

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